Performance Improvement

Using our proprietary Playbook, we have helped governmental and commercial entities improve their operations and, in some cases, have transformed these entities to be very profitable for shareholders and all stakeholders. The services we offer include:

1). CFO Services.

With our deep CFO experiences, we assist CFOs in bringing business, operational, technology and finance expertise to deliver value for the enterprise.

2). Corporate Transformation & Organizational Change.

Assist the organization to align strategy, people and operational excellence to create value.

3). Growth Advisory Services

We work with clients to drive profitable growth, from end-to-end thorough examination of the business, culminating in strategies and tactics, including improved sales and marketing effectiveness, resulting in enhanced client customer experience, to deliver value.

4). Supply Chain Transformation & Contract Services.

We assist clients with integrated supply chain strategies to the overall business strategy for improved margins and working capital management. We also contract with governmental and commercial entities to provide suitable products and services at affordable prices.

5). Technology Services

We help clients with their digital and technology strategy and operations for enhanced business mission and performance.

6). Human Capital, Diversity & Inclusion.

With focus on diversity and inclusion, we help to reposition leadership, talent, and culture for the organization to pursue and achieve maximization of the business objectives.

7). High Performing Boards.

We work with the Board of Directors to improve board performance and diversity.

8). Opportunities & Risks Management.

Our services include assisting management to identify and manage opportunities and risks for the enterprise.

Mergers, Acquisition & Divestiture Services

We assist management to create value through our Mergers, Acquisition & Divestiture services, from deal flow to improving performances and exit values. We provide hands-on transaction support to ensure the best outcomes in the following areas:

1). Pre-deal support

2). Transaction phase – signing & completion

3). Post-deal – integration or carve-out support

Private Equity Services

We work with private equity investors to maximize value by providing the following services:

1). Integrated Due Diligence.

2). Transaction Analytics.

3). Portfolio Performance Improvement.

Restructuring & Turnaround

In distress situations, we help to stabilize the entity’s finances while working with management to preserve value through operational and transactional improvements. We seek to optimize value in all such situations. We perform interim management roles during periods of change and assist the Board to hire qualified managers to improve performance. Services provided include:

1). Unsecured Credit Committee Services

2). Lender Advisory

3). Fiduciary Services

4). Crisis Management

5). Interim Management

Investment Services

We combine our deep expertise in operations, finance and investments to provide Asset Owners – pensions, family offices, endowments, foundations, etc. to optimize investment value. Services provided include:

1). Asset Liability Management

2). Asset Management

3). Investment Performance Evaluation

4). Board of Trustees’ Education

5). Pension Process Improvement